Competence center to make use of greenhouse gases

Researchers in the University of Oulu propose the founding of a competence center to find solutions for making use of greenhouse gases and decreasing their environmental effects.

The plan of founding a competence center was one of the goals of the European Regional Development Fund financed “CO2 economy and bioeconomy innovations” research project. The project looked especially at utilizing carbon dioxide and methane emissions as biogas, hydrogen and carbon dioxide based products, and it was discovered that these gases have major economical potential and carbon footprint reducing effects.

The goal of the C1 chemistry competence center is to bring together operators in the field, including the industry and the municipalities, operators processing and utilizing waste and wastewater flows, and companies and research institutes in the field.

”The idea is to form a network type of a collaboration forum directed by needs and shared research projects”, says project coordinator Mika Huuhtanen of the Environmental and Chemical Engineering research unit.

The competence center will make it possible to utilize gaslike compounds into products and develop C1 chemistry based business ideas. The University of Oulu will act as the research party in the competence center and possibly as the coordinator for the entire center.

Implementing the CO2 economy and innovations in bioeconomy project in the University of Oulu have been the research units of Environmental and Chemistry Engineering, Water Resources and Environmental Engineering, and Energy and Environmental Engineering.

Oulu Biofactory was opened in Oulu in 2015. The factory refines organic waste into biogas and fertilizer products. The biogas utilized into traffic fuel corresponds to the fuel consumption of over one thousand passenger cars per year.

Last updated: 19.12.2016