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Don't think about it, just do it

Liam Clark
Economic Geology
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If you are reading my profile here you are probably already interested in applying, you already have applied, or you have already been accepted. I'm going to assume you are not here by accident and you have some vested interest in the University of Oulu.

If you have any doubts about applying, my advice is: don't think about it, just do it. I guarantee you won't regret it. From laying on ice in the middle of a frozen lake, watching the northern lights dance above me drinking Finnish beer to sailing on crystal blue water in +30 DegC summer sunning myself on the upper deck as the sauna heats up before going for a swim in the river, Finland has everything. Get away from the heavy lifestyle perpetuating western culture and learn to truly enjoy life: visit Finland.

The low student-teacher ratio here and excellent teachers, teaching staff and facilities (along with, let's not forget, the #1 best teaching styles in the world) provide a truly first class education. Coming from an undergraduate masters in the UK, I feel a Finland Master’s has prepared me both for the work environment and with a fully rounded geological education. The enthusiasm of the lectures and the scope of teaching provides a comprehensive and full learning experience.    

Finland is not for the feint-hearted nonetheless. Temperatures reaching -40, combined with a no-nonsense no-hand-holding approach to studying mean you have to both be mentally prepared and adult enough to juggle your living, studying and partying. Living is expensive, and partying can be both thrilling and overwhelming. Come prepared to take responsibility but also to have the opportunities only offered in a university that lies just below the Arctic Circle filled with Finns who at first appear cold but can become friends for life (they live yearly through the midnight sun and the 24-hour darkness, let’s not forget).  

I have made lifelong friends, done things I never thought I would, met people I never thought I would meet and pushed my personal and emotional character to the limits. I do love it here and so will you.


Last updated: 18.1.2017