Research data policy at the University of Oulu

The new strategy will render the University of Oulu as an internationally significant science university in selected focus areas. The national and international standards of open science and research are followed at the University, taking into account the legitimate constraints on openness in order to protect immaterial rights and personal privacy.

The principles of United Kingdom’s Concordat on Open Research Data formulated by the Open Research Data Forum Consortium consisting of different funding bodies, universities and research institutes in United Kingdom are considered by the University of Oulu as good and exemplary and they will be adopted as the basics for the research data policy of the University of Oulu.


1. Open access to research data is an enabler of high quality research, a facilitator of innovation and safeguards good research practice.

2. Good data management is fundamental to all stages of the research process and should be established at the outset.

3. Data must be curated so that they are accessible, discoverable and useable.

4. Open access to research data carries a significant cost, which should be respected by all parties.

5. There are sound reasons why the openness of research data may need to be restricted but any restrictions must be justified and justifiable.

6. The right of the creators of research data to reasonable first use is recognised.

7. Use of others’ data should always conform to legal, ethical and regulatory frameworks including appropriate acknowledgement.

8. Data supporting publications should be accessible by the publication date and should be in a citeable form.

9. Support for the development of appropriate data skills is recognised as a responsibility for all stakeholders.

10. Regular reviews of progress towards open access to research data should be undertaken.


The Management Group in Research and the Research Council are the coordinating bodies in the employment of the principles of  open science and research data management at the University of Oulu.  

Faculties are responsible for developing service systems in conjunction with the Library and IT Administration Services . These services should include the counselling in contracts and copyright issues. The use of the national data services (for example CSC) and international services of ESFRI infrastructures is recommended.

The University of Oulu guides the researchers as the users of the data management services, and provides resources and encourages the researchers to acquire additional funding to promote open science.

The Strategic Research Services, Research Support Services, University Library, Archive, Graduate School and IT Administration Services will support the researchers and provide training opportunities to facilitate the development of appropriate data skills amongst the research community.  

The research units should determine the goals and procedures how they are going to organise and manage

  • registration of research data
  • preservation of research data
  • opening of research data.

The research data and the data management plans of the units will be approved in annual performance negotiations between the unit and the university steering committee.

The University of Oulu presumes that the research groups will make their data openly available for use by others according to the requirements of the funding bodies.

Last updated: 8.2.2017