First 5G demo devices in Finland delivered to the University

Nokia have delivered the first pre-commercial radio devices based on 5G technology in Finland to the Centre for Wireless Communications research unit in the University of Oulu, and the VTT. The delivery of the radio devices is the continuation of a long-lasting 5G Test Network collaboration between the network company Nokia and research centers.

Pre-commercial 5G radio devices in the development phase can be used for studying applications and services demanded by a 5G connection, and for demonstrating the opportunities 5G offers companies and other partners. Because of large bandwidth, the system can reach speeds of several gigabytes per second. New 5G radios reduce the delay between the end device and base station down to a couple of milliseconds, which makes new technological solutions possible.

In the future, the focus of the Test Network project will move to the researching, developing and testing of 5G technology and the services it enables, in as realistic an environment as possible. With 5G demo radios, the 5G Test Network acts as a testing environment for researchers and partners, offering a large data speed and small delay. Due to this, researchers and service developers can develop more and more demanding applications wirelessly.


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Last updated: 10.2.2017