284 Young Doctors to be conferred in the 10th Conferment Ceremony

The 10th Conferment Ceremony of the University of Oulu on 19th to 21st May 2017 will see 284 Young Doctors conferred. 249 Young Doctors will be conferred in person, and 35 will be conferred in absentia. 23 Honorary Doctors will be conferred.

The conferment ceremony is the most traditional and the biggest academic celebration in universities. In the University of Oulu, it is shared by all faculties, and it is held once every four years.

The festivities of the Conferment Ceremony take place over three days. They begin on Friday night 19 May with the Sword-Whetting. The Main Event, Procession, and Conferment Banquet and Ball take place on Saturday 20 May. The Doctors conferred in the Main Event will be handed the academic insignia, diploma, hat, and sword. The final event is the Sailing Trip on Sunday 21 May.

Conferment Ceremony

Honorary Doctors (announced 15 November 2016)

Main image: Juha Sarkkinen

Last updated: 2.3.2017