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721071P Towards sustainable future

ECTS credits: 5 (6 ECTS is possible for doctoral students)
Person responsible: Anne Keränen
Link to the registration: WebOodi
Target group: All university students.
Schedule: 5.6.-17.8.2018
Implementor: Oulu Business School
Additional information: In addition to face-to-face meetings, students will study in an online platform.


721336S Service Design

ECTS credits: 6 ECTS
Person responsible: Satu Nätti
Link to the registration: WebOodi
Target group: Oulu Business School master level students
Schedule: May 2018-August 2018
Implementor: Oulu Business School/Marketing, Management and International Business
Additional information:-


Summer course in cooperative principles and values 2.7. - 12.8.2018

Course: CNS-P1 Cooperative values and principles I
Aim: At the end of the course the students have a fair understanding of what co-operative enterprises are and which values and principles they are built on. The students get acquainted with different types of co-operatives and with the ways these apply the co-operative values and principles in practice.
Content: In the course the history of modern cooperatives and their values and principles at both national and international levels are dealt with. The students learn how the cooperative values and principles originated and took shape during the 1900’s, how they evolved during the 2000’s and how they are reshaped to the demands of today’s global world. The study module ends with examples of cooperatives showing that they are not curiosities from the past, but that the challenges of the modern business environment can be answered by them.
Realization and methods: Web course in English (some exercises can be written in Finnish/Itsenäiset opiskelutehtävät voi kirjoittaa halutessaan suomeksi)
Credits: 5 cr
Students at Aalto University School of Economics in Helsinki and at the Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) are entitled to six credit points upon completion of additional tasks.   

The course is free of charge to the students of the CNS university network. 
Further information and enrollment for the course:


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