Water resources and environmental engineering

Faculty of Technology

Our international group of 30 has a strong expertise in hydrology and water research related to hydrological processes, modelling and management. We carry out both basic and applied research related to surface waters, rivers, wetlands and groundwater. The research is often linked to land use and climate change, with a focus on mitigation and problem solving. 

The group has access to wide data sets. We have several on-going field scale research experiment. We possess a wide set of field equipment and laboratories for water chemical and soil physical properties analysis.

Research topics:

The groups has a good track record in:

  • Hydrology of peatlands
  • Peatland uses, environmental impacts and their control
  • Groundwater-surface water interaction
  • Constructed wetlands
  • Groundwater
  • River engineering

More information:

Professor Björn Klöve, bjorn.klove@oulu.fi


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Last updated: 3.4.2017