Productivity of research and education of the University of Oulu improved in 2016

Productivity of research in the University of Oulu improved in 2016. The number of scientific publications increased from previous years and reached 2869, of which 2378 were international peer-reviewed publications.

The number of completed doctoral degrees reached an all-time high of 196, an increase of 24 from the previous year.

The University of Oulu also succeeded in increasing its nationally and internationally competed research funding. The total of competed funding was 49.1 million Euros (45.7 million Euros in 2015). There were 44 invention announcements and 8 priority patent applications made in 2016. Four new research-based companies were started.

From the start of 2016, research activities were implemented in research units, which were formed in the in the organization renewal.

Wide-ranging bachelor’s programmes introduced in education

During the year, 1445 master’s degrees were completed. This was an increase of 200 (+13 %) from the previous year. This did, however, fall short of the goal of 1545 degrees.

There was a significant increase in the number of students who collected 55 study points during the academic year, making 41.1 % of all basic degree students. This positive trend is expected to continue, and students are expected to graduate sooner and sooner.

During 2016 the degree programme reform was approved, and wide-ranging bachelor’s programmes were introduced. Planning of the new bachelor’s programmes for making studies more fluent was taken to its conclusion during 2016, and the new programmes will kick off in the autumn of 2017.

Best ever result in international university rankings

The University of Oulu reached an all-time high of 201–250 in the international Times Higher Education university ranking (our previous rank was 351–400). The University improved on nearly all evaluation categories: quality of education, citations, and private funding, and most of all, in research.

In the renowned comparison by the University of Shanghai, the University of Oulu was ranked 401–500 among the top universities of the world. The rank went down by one hundred from 2015, because no researchers of the University of Oulu no longer appeared on the most-cited researchers list.

Financial statement and financial period result

The University Board has approved the financial statement for 2016. The University Collegium will confirm it in its meeting in May.

The total income of the University of Oulu in 2016 was 223.2 million euros, and the result of the financial period was 5.7 million euros in surplus (221.8 million and 11.9 million Euros in 2015), of which investment profits were 3.7 million Euros. Operative result without investment profits was 2.0 million Euros, which includes the one million addition to strategy funding in December by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The balance sheet total at the end of the year was 236.7 million Euros.

Last updated: 11.4.2017