presents Arctic research

The renewed website presents Finland’s Arctic activities, research, policies and economy in both Finnish and English. also displays the University of Oulu, where diverse Arctic research is done. The fields of expertise in the University of Oulu are sustainable mining and production technologies, technologies suitable for extreme conditions, Arctic logistics and distance-spanning technology, aeronomics and atmospheric chemistry, change in Arctic environment, health in Northern environments, and study of the Sami language and culture. The Thule Institute in the University of Oulu is managing the University of the Arctic research bureau and coordination of thematic networks. is Finland's Arctic portal to the world. The website publishes news on Finland’s Arctic events and activities, and also longer stories related to the Arctic.

Finland has just started its Chairmanship of the international Arctic Council. The website is maintained by the Arctic Centre in the University of Lapland.




Last updated: 9.6.2017