Henry Ford Foundation donates 100,000 Euros to technology research in the University of Oulu

Henry Ford Foundation donates 100,000 Euros for development of research and education in the University of Oulu. The donation is allocated to the field of technology.

CEO of Ford Finland, Hannu Pärssinen gives a positive evaluation of the research and development activities of the University of Oulu on novel digital systems and smart applications. He believes that they will have a central role in the vehicles and road traffic solutions of the future. Ford is actively investing in new options in electric cars, autonomous cars, and in streamlining of movement. “In the future we will be more of a company providing services in movement, not only a traditional car company”, says Hannu Pärssinen.

Henry Ford Foundation has for 70 years taken part in building motorised transport and mechanical agriculture. The foundation gives out a significant number of grants annually to promote teaching and research in those fields in Finland.

The government of Finland gives matched funding to support donations to universities by private foundations, companies and people. A donor may direct their donation of the minimum of 10,000 Euros to the development of the field of education they choose. The government’s matched funding period continues until the end of June 2017. 

Last updated: 9.6.2017