Nokia donates another 100,000 Euros for technology research in the University of Oulu

Nokia Corporation has decided to take part in the ongoing fundraising campaign of the University of Oulu with a new 100,000 Euro donation. Last year the company already made a donation of the same size. Nokia has in recent years been one of the main supporters of the University.

Nokia and the University of Oulu have been in close collaboration since Nokia started its operations in Oulu. Their current collaboration is related to the 5G radio technology and development of future wireless services. They are in collaboration in education and through jointly funded research projects. The latest collaboration opening is the new joint research centre of Nokia Bell Labs and the University of Oulu for developing future wireless technologies. The cooperation agreement related to the research centre was signed in spring 2017.

The new donation is allocated in the field of technology. The government of Finland gives matched funding to support donations to universities by private foundations, companies and people. A donor may direct their donation of the minimum of 10,000 Euros to the development of the field of education they choose. The government’s matched funding period continues until the end of June 2017.

Last updated: 13.6.2017