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Excellent industry links that allow you to make contacts and friends

Matthew Goode
Economic Geology
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Before I applied to this programme I had never really considered Finland – either as a study option or as a place to visit. But after one year and three months here, I can definitely say that Oulu, and Finland, is a great place to live.  Coming from Ireland, I was happy to find that the two countries are not too different culturally – there is a similar degree of friendliness and openness . Oulu is also host to an Irish Cultural Festival every year, which is a nice taste of home. Winters here can be tough, but they are definitely an experience that you won’t regret.

The IMP in Economic Geology is an excellent degree programme for geologists who want to specialise in mining and economic aspects. And Oulu Mining School has excellent industry links that allow you to make contacts and friends that will be invaluable throughout your career.

When I first arrived in Oulu I was a little intimidated, as the educational system offers an enormous degree of freedom in the degree structure. This might be unusual for people coming from countries or universities with more structured, less flexible systems. After a little time and a little help from my tutor and study coordinator, I really enjoyed the ability to take the courses I wanted, when I wanted, and to balance my study time with my social and personal life.

Last updated: 2.11.2017