Occupational accidents

More information about insurances for students concerning for instance accidents during interships.

An occupational accident is an accident that has caused the employee an injury or illness.

  • at work
  • in circumstances related to work
  • in the place of work
  • running errands for the employerng
  • on the way to the work or from work to the home

The insurance covers

  • personnel in an employment relationship with the university
  • students doing internships

Occupation accident/ occupational disease always require that you

  1. Fill out an internal notification of occupational accident (in Finnish). The notification must be filled out as soon as possible after the accident takes place/ the symptoms of the occupational illness appear. If you cannot fill out the Finnish form online, please fill out the details on the internal occupational accident report in English and email it to both Heli Ijäs at heli.ijas@oulu.fi and Anja Mäntykenttä at anja.mantykentta@oulu.fi.
  2. Print out the insurance certificate (in Finnish) and present/send it to the attending physician.   

Insurance phone numbers:

SP0001047262 employees
SP0001047428 students

IF:n vakuutukset (Insurances by IF, in Finnish)

Reporting an occupational accident

  • The accident must be reported at once to the immediate supervisor
  • In matters related to occupational accident reporting etc. you can contact Heli Ijäs, e-mail heli.ijas@oulu.fi, Tel. (02)94 484 089 and Anja Mäntykenttä, e-mail: anja.mantykentta@oulu.fi, Tel. (02) 94 484 061.

Last updated: 7.9.2017