University of Oulu organizes a Orientation for New International Students twice a year, one in September, one in January.

Orientation dates for Academic Year 2016-17

Spring 2017 orientation:
January 4-5, 2017.
Orientation programme (updated Jan 3, 2017)


Material from January 2017 orientation

Checklist on matters you need to take care of once you have arrived

- Student union OYY presentation
- Application form for Finnish ID number
- Services for students
- Housing through PSOAS
- Academic system at the University
- web-based tools used at the University
- Finnish courses, Language studies, Tandem study exchange
- Student guilds presentation by OYY
- ESN presentation
- NISO presentation


We warmly recommend that all new students attend the orientation week as it will guide you through all practicalities to be handled at the university and introduce you to the University and its studying culture, to the City of Oulu and to Finland. A big part of the orientation is the Study Info Day when departments and Master's Programmes introduce their studies to their own students in more detail.

The orientation is also an excellent opportunity to meet other new students and University staff. Please make sure you arrive in time for the orientation.

Last updated: 5/1/2017