Research based startup-companies

The birth of research-based companies is part of the social impact of the university. Oulu University encourages its staff and students to participate in entrepreneurship and to utilize their know-how outside the academic world. Entrepreneurship gives rise to jobs, through which the transfer of new technology (research knowledge) takes place the most efficiently.

More than 60 research-based startups have been born from Oulu University in the last ten years. Part of them has been acknowledged internationally. For example

  • IndoorAtlas which develops indoor location service based on magnetic field, has raised large public attention when launching the service in summer 2013. In autumn 2014 the company got 10 M€ venture capital from Chinese biggest search company Baidu. In 2016 company got from European commission 2,2 million funding and 2017 got 3.6 M€ funding from Yahoo! Japan.
  • Valossa Labs got $2 million venture capital funding 2017 from lead European media investors. The company developes technique which understands the deep content data of videos. 
  • SFTec won 2017 the competition aiming to create new working places. Company's product, ModHeat, is a modular and mobile industrial dryer, which enables economical and efficient utilization of unused industrial waste heat to dry bioenergy materials.
  • KNL Networks (formerly Kyynel) got 2016 10 million dollar venture capital funding. Company develops connection systems utilizing high frequence terrestial radio to e.g. shipping. 
  • Paras Biopharmaceuticals Finland got 2016 million size venture capital funding. The company has got "Quality of choice" (2016) and "European Award for Technology Innovation Leadership" (2014) prizes. The company has developed a more economical manufacturing process for an osteoporosis drug.
  • Meoline was selected as winner of Kainuu Kasvu Open-competition 2016. The company has developed heavy metal analyzer to measure real-time heavy metal concentrations from industrial discharge waters.
  • Codenomicon has been awarded with many prizes since 2007. Company was acquired by Synopsys 2015.
  • Sensinode Oy was presented in the growth stories 2009 of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, which covered innovative growth companies. 2013 Sensinode was acquired by ARM.