Student Tutoring

Student tutoring is part of the counselling system and curriculum at the University of Oulu. All new degree and exchange students have a student tutor to help when studies start at University of Oulu. Student tutor tutoring international degree or exchange student is also called as Kummi.

Tutors are senior students from the same field of study and have been trained for tutoring. Together with their tutor a group of around ten new students get to know their own field and faculty, how things work on campus and in Oulu in general. Students new to Oulu will get their first group of friends right away and feel more like home. 

Tutoring new international students? Apply now!

Faculties/ programmes recruit student tutors for new students for the following academic year. Student tutors are recruited for all programmes and for international Master’s programmes and also for exchange students (both Autumn and Spring terms). In some programmes application period to become a student tutor continues until 7 February, 2017. Ask more information from ypur programmes student tutoring contact person.

As a student tutor you are required to:

  • responsible student who has taken care of the studies well,
  • take part in Student tutoring training (in English). The general student tutoring training will be held on Wed 22nd March 2017 at 8:15- 12:00 (lecture hall L8, Linnanmaa campus),
  • be open and helpful and have a good command of the English language. At least basic Finnish skills are also recommended,
  • be in Oulu at the time when new students arrive in late August early September (beginning of January for Spring 2018 exchange students). Please notice that orientation for international students starts on 1st September (see Teaching periods).

Total number of hours to be spent on tutoring is between 10 and 15 hours. Student tutors are working in hourly teaching task and they receive the regular student tutor compensation (13,80 euros per hour). Faculties are required to give student tutors a student tutoring certificate. Faculties can also give credits on student tutoring.

N.B.: If you are employed by the University of Oulu during the student tutoring period (for example internship) you cannot receive the regular guidance fee but the tutoring shall be done based on your work supervisor´s prior written overtime initiative for those who work in regular working hours as stipulated in the additional/overtime work regulations and guidelines. Please inform your programme’s student tutoring contact person of such an employment as soon as possible. More information on employment matters:

Applying and more information

  • Recruitment of the student tutors will be taken care of by faculties/programmes. Contact your programme's student tutoring contact person for more information on applying, field specific application period and student tutoring in general.
  • Fill the application form, print and sign it and return it to your student tutoring contact person. N.B. If you have problems when filling in the form save it first or select Internet Explorer as browser.

Last updated: 6/2/2017