Current issues for students

26/6/2017 News

Lukkari no longer available

Student schedule tool Lukkari is no longer available after summer 2017.

Students can make their own timetable using existing replacing tools: mobile app Tuudo or browser operated Aapo.

8/6/2017 News

Student Center and Faculty Study Affairs have exceptions to opening hours in June-August

Student Center and Faculty Study Affairs have exceptions to opening hours in summer, read more.

1/6/2017 News

Juvenes Corporation wins tendering procedure for restaurant services in Linnanmaa

Juvenes Corporation has been selected as the provider of food and cafeteria services in the Linnanmaa campus of the University of Oulu.

30/5/2017 News

Computer premises on the campus maps

The premises that have been equipped with computers and are in students' common use in Linnanmaa and Kontinkangas have been updated on the campus maps. Self-study workstations, computer classes and the most general printers that have been meant for the students' use have been marked on these maps. The self-study computers are freely available during the opening hours of premises and they cannot be reserved beforehand. The computers of classrooms are available outside the teaching reservations within the opening hours. More info on study spaces and campus maps.

29/5/2017 News

City of Oulu Internationalisation Scholarships

The University of Oulu hereby opens a call for applications for City of Oulu Internationalization Scholarships. The scholarships, their application guidelines and deadlines can be found here.

9/5/2017 News

Food for Life from Business Kitchen

According to the newly published reported about University graduates employment 2016 the most important factors affecting employment are working life connections, work experience and networks. These are supported by the university’s Business Kitchen, which offers company projects, help for new business creation and job, recruiting and networking related events. Business Kitchen welcomes everyone of all backgrounds and fields of study. The new Business Kitchen will be opened in Tellus Innovation Arena in August 2017.

8/5/2017 News

Study Affairs service point of Kontinkangas Campus has moved

Study Affairs service point of Kontinkangas Campus has moved. New service point is from 3rd May in K201, which can be found from Aapistie 7A, second floor (near net cafe, see map).

5/5/2017 News

Student Center is closed on May 26th

Student center services at the first floor are closed on May 26th.

5/5/2017 News

Student Center and Faculty Study Affairs have exceptions to opening hours in June-August

Student Center and Faculty Study Affairs have exceptions to opening hours in summer, read more.

5/5/2017 News

The University Board decided on campus development projects

The Board of the University of Oulu decided at its meeting on May 3, 2017 on the implementation of new premises for the faculties of Humanities and Education, mainly in accordance with the presentation. The projects have been prepared by the premises working groups, consisting of employee and student representatives among others. The Faculty of Education will be located mainly in premises formerly vacated by the Faculty of Natural Sciences which will be completely refurbished. The Faculty of Humanities will be located on the 1st and 3rd floors of the west side of the campus. Repairs and alterations will be made in accordance with the repair state of the premises.

Concerning the teaching space and lecture hall project, it was found that the continuation of project planning requires a broader review of the entire campus facilities, in terms of locations, occupancy rates and project costs. The aim of the more comprehensive planning is to ensure that the learning facilities are sufficient in quantity and quality, as well as cost-efficient. The Board requires that after the implementation of the project the average square meters of the project areas must not exceed the market rent in the area. The Board also requires that, in connection with the implementation agreements of the projects, the University and Suomen Yliopistokiinteistöt Oy also agree on other issues related to the facilities, such as the conditions for dismissal.

5/5/2017 News

SAS Code Course 22. – 23.5.

SAS programming course at the University of Oulu 22. – 23.5.-17. Read more.

5/5/2017 News

Erasmus Grants will increase in 2017-18

Students going on Erasmus Exchange in 2017-18 will get 30 euros more/month compared to previous years. Check exact sums at:

5/5/2017 News

Summer program, University sports of Oulu

The summer sports program will start 8.5. The sports Pass of academic year 2016-17 or spring 2017 is valid for sports activities in summer too. The Sports Pass only for summer is 15 euros. Read more:

5/5/2017 News

University sports of Oulu

The sports program in spring will end mostly 7.5. and non-instructed sports in Linnanmaa sportshall will end 14.5.

5/5/2017 News

Demola is looking for students for Fall 2017 projects

Would you like to learn by doing, gain working life experience, and improve your problem solving, team working and presentation skills? Demola Oulu offers all this + 5ECTS + a chance to earn some money as well! Application period to Demola Oulu’s Autumn 2017 season starts in August at Demola is a project course offered by the University of Oulu and OAMK where multi-disciplinary student teams develop solutions to challenges given by companies and organizations. For more info: simo.kekalainen (at), +358 50 3077 067.

5/5/2017 News

Registration 2017-2018 for existing students

The registration period for the academic year 2017-18 for existing students has started on 2 May, 2017 and ends on 12 September, 2017. Enrolled degree student can register using WebOodi or OILI online service. Read more.

5/5/2017 News

Library loans renewals during summer From June 1st to August 31st

Library will renew all the loans that has no requests. Suspension of borrowing rights will also prevent the renewals. Although the library will renew your loans during the summer you are responsible for the items you have borrowed. Library hours during summer from the library website.

3/5/2017 News

Moderated discussion - Good Life for a Student in Tellus Stage on 16th May at 14:15-16

Have you had time to think what actually makes you happy? Are you doing things that are meaningful and important to you?  Many students are facing constant pressure of high performance, comparison and demands. The purpose of this event is to find new ways to live more meaningful life, to learn how values based actions increases your well-being and how meaningful free time gives more ability to study. Welcome to Tellus Stage on 16th May at 14:15-16 to discuss about the topic with Study Counselling Psychologist trainee Ilona Parviainen, University Chaplain Ari Savuoja and a student union representative.

2/5/2017 News

Questions and answers on campus development projects

What workspace projects are there currently going on at the University of Oulu?

2/5/2017 News

Study Affairs service point of Kontinkangas Campus moves this week (week 18)

Study Affairs service point of Kontinkangas Campus moves this week (week 18). Study Affairs service point can be found from 3rd May in new place. This week (wek18) the service is restricted due to the moving. New service point is from 3rd May in K201, which can be found from Aapistie 7A, second floor (near net cafe, see map).

27/4/2017 News

University of Oulu Summer School 2017

The University of Oulu arranges summer courses during the summer. See Summer Courses 2017 and register here. Please notice that the registration to some of the courses arranged by the Summer University ends already 2nd of May.

26/4/2017 News

Delays handeling international internship grant applications

There are delays at the moment making decisions on international internship grant applications. We ask students to be patient! SoleMove –applications is good to be made at least 2 months before the internship period starts.

24/4/2017 News

Start using FSHS's Self online service !

Self is a service that allows FSHS clients to manage their appointments online. Start using the Self service by entering your contact details and choosing how you want to be notified of messages in the service (sms or email). Log in to the service. You can use the Self student online service to check and cancel your appointments. If you have received permission to book an appointment, you can also book an appointment and change an existing appointment in the service. Self allows you to receive secure messages from FSHS staff about your current treatment. You can reply to these messages through the service. Read more.

10/4/2017 News

Uranoste project offers training for applying jobs, courses in English in May!

Uranoste project offers training for students in applying jobs. In May there will be courses e.g. in Making the Most out of LinkedIn, preparing for job interviews and creating a job application. Read more on the Uranoste web site and apply.