Study Counselling Psychologist

The Student Counselling Psychologist offers special guidance and counselling in questions related to learning, studying, life management and wellbeing.

The sessions with the Study Counselling Psychologist are confidential and last 45-60 minutes. The service is free of charge for the University of Oulu students.

The objectives for the sessions will be agreed upon during the first session. There are usually 1-5 sessions per student.

When should I contact the Study Counselling Psychologist?

You can contact the Study Counselling Psychologist about things that have to do with learning and study related problems, when no other guidance or student advising have solved them. These can be e.g:

  • Continuing studies that have come to a standstill, problems with progressing in studies
  • Study-related self-confidence
  • Motivation issues
  • Coping with stress and tension
  • Returning to studies after a long break
  • Other issues related to learning, such as exam or thesis anxiety, time management, learning disabilities, problems with writing processes
  • Accessibility issues: form 'Application for special study arrangements' can be found from Forms page.

The goal of an individual session is:

  • To clarify the student's overall life situation
  • To develop studying skills
  • To increase student’s activity
  • To discover new patterns for thinking and acting

Contact information

Study Counselling Psychologist Pia Partanen

  • Walk-in service in Linnanmaa on Mondays at 9-11 a.m., location: Student Center 2nd floor, room KE233.
  • Autumn term 2017: Walk-in service in Kontinkangas on Thursday 21.9., 19.10., 16.11. and 14.12. at 8:30-10 a.m., location: Aapistie 7A, R floor, room K008.

Alternatively, make an appointment request by filling in an online form. Explain briefly what your situation is and what kind of councelling you need.

Contact also your tutor teacher for study related guidance and councelling.

Last updated: 21.11.2017