Examinarium / Aquarium exams

University of Oulu provides a new form of electronic examination with flexible hours in a camera supervised environment starting from 16.10.2017.

Current issues

  • Answer to a Exam user survey by 20.5. and win a 100 € gift card! More information and link to the survey here
  • There is a maintenance break on every first Monday of the month. The next maintenance break is on Monday 4.6.2018. Exam system is out of use and electronic examination room Examinarium is closed between 8-11.
  • On summer 2018 the Examinarium is closed between 22.6. -4.8.2018.
  • The opening date for electronic exam room at Kontinkangas Campus will be announced later on.

Examination in electronic exam room

By using the e-exam service a student undertakes to abide by the conditions of use. A student consents to audio and video surveillance and to the combining of information of the examinations systems in order to confirm identity. Electronic examinations comply with University of Oulu Education Regulations and student´s information security is applied in electronic examinations. The electronic examination room is equipped with real-time and recording video surveillance.

  • There are lockers outside the e-exam rooms where students can put their coat and other belongings. A student is allowed to take only the key and a student id card (not Frank mobile app) to examination room. In Monday exams a student is allowed to take a pencil and eraser to e-exam room when taking an exam in which she/he will answer on paper.
  • The calculators are not allowed in any exams in electronic examination rooms in any situations. There are Windows calculators available on computers in electronic examination room.
  • Mobile phones are not allowed even if your student ID card is digital one (Frank mobile app). 
  • A student logins to computer with general Exam user account and to Exam system with his/her personal university of Oulu student account. There are instructions on how to login to computer and to Exam system in every desk in electronic examination room and also instructions concerning possible problems with the computer.
  • It is forbidden to leave the e-exam room during the exam. If a student leaves the room in the middle of the exam time to continue after returning, the exam is rejected. Talking with other students who are taking an exam is forbidden. Avoid unnecessary disturbing movement.

Login to Exam

Login to Exam: https://exam.oulu.fi
Use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser. Do not use Internet Explorer


Exam - Instructions for Students

Instructions for a teacher are available in Notio

Teachers, see also the software and programmes available in Exam system and electronic exam room

The process of electronic examination

  • A student makes an agreement with a teacher on taking the exam in Exam-system in an electronic exam room
  • A teacher creates the exam in Exam-system and publishes it with a certain time period. A personal exam is available only for a certain student. A general exam is available for all students.
  • In personal exam (maturity test) a conductes an exam for a certain student, for example a student taking the maturity test to his/her exam (no need for a student to register for exam in Exam system)
  • In both personal exam and general exam a student makes an reservation for electronic exam room (date and time and number of the computer and seat). Reservations can be made 30 days ahead.
  • A student takes the exam in e-exam room on computer in Exam system
  • In personal exams a teacher gets an email that a student has returned an exam in Exam system. In general exams a teacher gets a weekly report on reservations and on exams to be evaluated 
  • A teacher evaluates and gives a grade for student´s exam in Exam system and locks the grade (no locking in partial course study attainments)
    (N.B.: not in partial course study attainments)
  • A student gets an email about the grade
  • The grade is transferred from Exam system to Oodi system and an official registers the grade to Oodi
    (N.B.: not in partial course study attainments)
  • The grade is in WebOodi, Tuudo and Aapo 

Electronic exam rooms

  • Electronic exam room Examinarium at Linnanmaa campus: 26 places of which 2 accessible for a person with a wheelchair. Examinarium room is TL 102 and it is located on floor Fysiikankatu near Tellus Innovation Arena. See the Linnanmaa Campus map
  • Electronic exam room at Kontinkangas Campus: 16 places of which 1 accessible for a person with a wheelchair. The electronic exam room at Kontinkangas is not yet in use.  More information will be provided later. See Kontinkangas Campus map

Electronic exam room opening hours

  • Electronic exam rooms are open from Monday to Friday between 8-20 (8-21 in special arrangements for examinations) and between 8-17 on Saturday
  • There are electronic locks on electronic exam room doors. The doors will be open 5 minutes prior to beginning of the exam and 30 minutes after the exam has began, for example between 7.55 -8.30.
  • Time period for taking the exam are 8-11, 11-14, 14-17 and 17-20 (17-21 only for students with special arrangements for examination)
    • Time for taking the exam is always 3 hours (175 min.).
    • Examination always begins at 8.00, 11.00, 14.00 or 17.00
    • Exams with 4 hours are only for  special arrangements for examination. In this case a suggestion by the accessibility contact person is needed and an examiner creates a personal exam for a student. Time period for taking the 4 hour exams are between 17-21 from Monday to Friday

Technical support in not quaranteed during the examination. If any technical problems prevent you from finishing your exam, abort the exam and afterwards fill in Form to Report Exam Interruption immediately. In case of an emergency there are instructions and an alarm button inside the e-exam room.

Exceptions to exam types and opening hours

  • On Mondays only it is possible to take only exams in which a students answers mainly on paper. Monday exams are only for exams that can not be answered in Exam system, for example mathematical exams. A Monday Exam is always valid only for one day.
    • The questions will be in Exam system also in Monday exams and a student has to answer at least one question in Exam-system and return the exam in Exam system. The answer papers willl be sent to an examiner by internal mail.
  • Maintenance break: There is a maintenance break on every first Monday of the month between 8-11.
  •  Holiday season opening hours will be informed in advance.

More information and feedback

For more information or giving feedback, please contact: e-exam(at)oulu.fi

Last updated: 11.5.2018