Tellus Innovation Arena

Tellus Innovation Arena is a brand new, inspiring open space for learning, collaboration and entrepreneurship at the heart of University of Oulu’s Linnanmaa campus and its multidisciplinary community. It was created for all you open-minded explorers from both inside and outside of the University to help you meet people, get in touch with some of the best experts in town and beyond, expand your networks, develop ideas, share your knowledge, present your projects and create valuable things together with others. In Tellus you have a great space to organize different events, inspire and get inspired by people around you. In short, Tellus Innovation Arena offers you the tools, space and support for collaboration to turn your best ideas into action. Open the door to Tellus where like-minded people, exciting projects and new discoveries are waiting for you.

Tellus is the living room in the heart of campus, designed as a small city with a unique, special atmosphere. There are places to get together, meet new people, have a cup of coffee in great company, do group work together, work individually in silence or get some quality rest. All the spaces and tools are at your disposal, thus the choice is yours! Friendly and helpful Tellus staff will assist you when you want to organize an event, get to know new people or build your network across disciplines, organisations and different cultures.


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Last updated: 14.12.2016