29.5.2017 Tapahtuma

Energy Forum – Focus on Future Energy Systems

Energy production, distribution and pricing as well as consumption, are fundamentally important issues for societies, businesses and households. We talk about green energy and sustainable energy solutions. What are these, actually? How does digitalization fit into all this? What kind of future energy sources and systems will we be seeing ahead of us? All this and more is discussed in the MA Institute Energy Forum – come, learn and discuss with top experts in the field!

29.5.2017 Tapahtuma

Oulun yliopiston akateemiset, OYA ry:n vuosikokous

OYA ry:n vuosikokous 2017 pidetään maanantaina 29.5. klo 17.30 ravintola Aavan kabinetissa Linnanmaalla. Kokouksessa käsitellään vuosikokouksen sääntömääräiset asiat.  

1.6.2017 - 3.6.2017 Tapahtuma

Summer School on Optics and Photonics

Summer School on Optics and Photonics will be held on June 1-3, 2017 in the University of Oulu (Finland).

5.6.2017 - 9.6.2017 Tapahtuma

Multidisciplinary imaging methods – theoretical principles and model development

I4FUTURE doctoral programme will organize and intensive course "Multidisciplinary imaging methods – theoretical principles and model development" on June 5-9 in the University of Oulu. The event is a postgraduate course (3 ECTS), but you can also just follow the lectures that you find most interesting.

5.6.2017 Tapahtuma

Allianssien johtaminen, ketterien projektien sopimusmallit, ja simulointi projektihallinnon tukena

Aika: 5.6.2017 / 12:00-16:00 Paikka: Seminaaritila Stage, Tellus Innovation Arena, Oulun yliopisto (Pentti Kaiteran katu 1, Linnanmaa)

12.6.2017 - 15.6.2017 Tapahtuma

EuCNC 2017 - 5G: European Roadmap, Global Impact

EuCNC’2017 is the 26th edition of a successful series of a technical conference in the field of telecommunications, sponsored by the European Commission. 

12.6.2017 - 17.6.2017 Tapahtuma

UBISS 2017 (8th International UBI Summer School 2017)

UBISS 2017, comprising of four parallel 6-day “hands on” workshops, invites researchers, students, and industry and public sector professionals to gain theoretical insight and personal hands on experience on selected topics under the tutelage of distinguished experts. UBISS 2017 builds on the legacy of the previous seven successful UBI Summer Schools hosted by us in Oulu in 2010-2016.

20.9.2017 - 21.9.2017 Tapahtuma

YKTT2017: Valtakunnalliset yrittäjyyskasvatuspäivät

Valtakunnalliset Yrittäjyyskasvatuspäivät järjestetään Oulun yliopistossa 20.-21.9.2017. Kyseessä on Yrittäjyyskasvatuksen tutkimusseura ry:n yhdestoista konferenssi.