International Services

International services on Linnanmaa Campus at the Student Center: Tue-Thu 10-12

Incoming students

If you wish to apply or have already been accepted as an exchange student:, read more.

If you wish to apply as a degree student: admissions.officer(at), read more from Degree pages.

Accepted Degree students:, read more.

Outgoing students

All contacts:

Staff of International Services

Personal e-mail addresses firstname.lastname(at)
(use ä=a, ö=o)
All degree study enquiries to admissions.officer(at)

Director of Recruitment, Admissions and International Services
Mr Kimmo Kuortti
Tel: +358 294 484 022

Institutional Erasmus Coordinator
Ms Riitta Kataja
Room KE217
Tel: +358 294 484 050
Bilateral agreements with Australia, Canada, Japan, Outgoing exchange students
Erasmus+ Programme: Student mobility, Staff and Teaching exchanges
north2north Exchange Programme

Coordinator of International Programmes
Ms Tytti Haapalehto
Room KE224-1
Tel: +358 294 484 042
Incoming Exchange Students
FIRST Exchange Programme with Russia
Bilateral Agreements with: USA, Mexico and South America
Orientation Programmes
Kummi students
Kummi Family Programme

Anne Talvio
Room KE223
Tel: +358 294 484 048
Admissions, student recruitment and services

Faculty exchange coordinators

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