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Research in 6G Flagship is organised into four interrelated strategic research areas where scientific breakthroughs are sought in the development of fundamental technology components for 6G systems.


Decentralized Asynchronous Coded Caching Design and Performance Analysis in Fog Radio Access Networks

Yanxiang Jiang; Wenlong Huang; Mehdi Bennis; Fu-Chun Zheng 3/2020 IEEE transactions on mobile computing
Wireless Connectivity

Deep Learning for Generic Object Detection : A Survey

Li Liu; Wanli Ouyang; Xiaogang Wang; Paul Fieguth; Jie Chen; Xinwang Liu; Matti Pietikäinen 3/2020 International journal of computer vision
Distributed Computing

3D Skeletal Gesture Recognition via Hidden States Exploration

Xin Liu; Henglin Shi; Xiaopeng Hong; Haoyu Chen; Dacheng Tao; Guoying Zhao 2/2020 IEEE transactions on image processing
Distributed Computing


The development of radically new wireless enabled solutions for digital society requires tight collaboration between experts from various fields.

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