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Research in 6G Flagship is organised into four interrelated strategic research areas where scientific breakthroughs are sought in the development of fundamental technology components for 6G systems.


3D Multi-Resolution Optical Flow Analysis of Cardiovascular Pulse Propagation in Human Brain

Rajna, Zalan; Raitamaa, Lauri; Tuovinen, Timo; Heikkilä, Janne; Kiviniemi, Vesa; Seppänen, Tapio 9/2019 IEEE transactions on medical imaging
Services and Applications

Ferroelectric Oxides for Solar Energy Conversion, Multi-Source Energy Harvesting/Sensing, and Opto-Ferroelectric Applications

Bai, Yang; Jantunen, Heli; Juuti, Jari 9/2019 ChemSusChem
Devices and Circuit Technology

Orchestrating 5G Network Slices to Support Industrial Internet and to Shape Next-Generation Smart Factories

Taleb, Tarik; Afolabi, Ibrahim; Bagaa, Miloud 9/2019 IEEE network
Distributed Computing


The development of radically new wireless enabled solutions for digital society requires tight collaboration between experts from various fields.

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