10 Reasons to Partner with Us

With us, you can discover the data-driven future society already today.

1. Gain early experiences through joint experiments that support your digitalization strategy.

2. Increase your knowledge on the expected societal and business needs during the next ten years.

3. Define and create requirements for next genera-tion technologies together with us.

4. Unleash the full potential of mobility as we joint-ly explore technologies and connected devices which are not yet commercially available.

5. Identify development needs and optimize your product for wireless connectivity.

6. Speed up your technology innovation as you inte-grate devices into our end-to-end system.

7. Discover new potential application areas in ICT but also in vertical sectors including industry, energy, health, transport and logistics.

8. Innovate new services, including artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, with sensor data from our hundreds of devices and low-latency data transfer.

9. Explore location-specific services that enable controlling of the operational environment and devices.

10. Discover new collaboration and networking possibilities through our extensive global network in both industry and academia.