5G Test Network

With our expert support and our live mobile network, you can gain early experiences of how mobility suits devices which are now limited into specific locations or may not be inter-acting with their environment. In the future, these devices will observe, react and interact with their changing environment through wireless connectivity.

We operate our end-to-end live 5G Test Network (5GTN) as a neutral host without the restrictions of commercial services. Our mobile network offers testing and integration possibilities from cm-wave to mm-wave technologies. You can use a dedicated sandbox to explore, for instance, latency, speed, energy consumption and optimal 5G architecture.

Co-creation with us is flexible and rewarding. You can bring your pre-commercial devices and services which we can test together in our end-to-end system and you can suggest your open research questions for us the tackle. You can also connect your own devices to the 5GTN or borrow some of ours free of charge, including e.g. various UEs, I.e., sensors, modems/development boards, measurement devices and AR/VR-devices.

You can also utilize our software-based open-source prototypes which are ideal for example for optimizing the network architecture for the collaborator’s desired application area. Your early prototypes can be integrated into our end-to-end mobile network introducing mobility into completely new use cases covering e.g. industrial sites, autonomous vehicles or cybersecurity.

In addition to our wide campus area, we can arrange radio coverage in new spots such as hospitals and industrial sites. We also bring you the benefits of our wide partner network including 5G Test Network Finland.