6G Proof of Concepts

Our solid expertise on novel architectures and algorithms helps you in reaching towards faster data rates and higher frequencies where current materials solutions may no longer function as in their lower equivalencies. With us you can explore numerous scenarios and innovative use of imaging and sensing technologies – one of new envisioned capabilities of future 6G systems.

We have already tested and implemented the first technology building blocks for 6G Proof of Concepts (PoCs) in our laboratories. The implemented blocks of radio frequency transceivers include amplifiers and phase shifters followed by sub-THz antennas, and frequency generation circuitries, which we can measure up to 330 GHz with continuous and modulated test signals. First results show a lot of promise also towards future. Gain early access to the testing possibilities of a variety of PoCs and learn from our experiences. Following an ambitious roadmap, we will integrate the individual technology building blocks into 6G system-level PoCs which will allow testing in an end-to-end manner over the air, as performed with 5G millimeter-wave systems. The increased integration level will limit testing possibilities of individual blocks and components in the system level PoC, which may be in the form of a mobile device or a base station. Accurate electro-magnetic and system-level simulations of technology building blocks of 6G radios are our highest priority in order to perform optimal system-level trade-offs - one of our key radio-related research topics.

With us, you can also gather insights on complementary, highly promising multi-use future technologies such as visible light communications (VLC) which is capable of providing secure, safe, and private communications exploiting the lighting infrastructure.