6G White Papers

Speeding up 6G research

Since early 2020, 6G Flagship has facilitated the work of 12 expert groups on selected 6G themes with the goal of writing 6G White Papers in a collaborative manner. From the participants who had voluntarily signed up for the joint 6G vision building through an open call, 250 experts from 100 organizations in over 30 countries significantly contributed to the 6G white papers.

World’s first 6G White Paper

6G Flagship research program has published world’s first 6G white paper which opens the floor for defining the 2030 wireless era.

The white paper “Key Drivers and Research Challenges for 6G Ubiquitous Wireless Intelligence” is based on the views that 70 invited experts shared during a special workshop at the first 6G Wireless Summit in Finnish Lapland in March 2019. The publication focuses on the key drivers, research requirements, challenges and research questions towards 6G.

Read more on the White Paper's sub page here.

Read the news article here.

6G Research Visions Webinar Series

In Autumn 2020 we launched a novel 6G Research Visions Webinar Series which opened on 9 September 2020. You can watch all the webinars on our YouTube channel.