Applications and Services

We offer an IoT data platform which supports the development of new applications and services, aligned with main industry standards. Our campus wide IoT network of close to 500 sensors supports multi-source data composition and data refinement based on various environmental parameters including air quality, space occupancy and noise level of the surroundings.

Connect your own devices and test them in our sensor infra-structure for your development purposes. You can also test our indoor navigation attributes provided by the positioning system which covers every corner of the 135 000 m2 Linnanmaa campus. Full-scale technical support from our experts is available for the test process.

With different computational resources in our network, our experts in analytics can offer AI and ML services that will transform applications as they are brought to the edge of the network. We provide tools and insights for the exploration of extremely fast, dynamic and data-centered applications utilizing machine learning techniques.

With us, you can investigate the endless possibilities of human-machine and machine-to-machine interaction which will produce drastic societal changes in the upcoming years. You can also utilize data collected from our mobile network and IoT devices for trials in artificial intelligence, analytics and computational advancements.