6G Research Visions Webinar Series: Essential Choices for Developing Preferred Business of 6G in the Age of Platforms, Ecosystems, and Empowerment

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Date and Time: Wednesday 16 September 2020 at 5:00-6:30 PM (Helsinki, UTC/GMT +03:00, CET +01:00)

Join the webinar series highlighting the insights of the new 6G White Papers written by international Expert Groups!

The second webinar in the 6G Research Visions Webinar Series will address the essential choices for developing preferred business of 6G in the age of platforms, ecosystems, and empowerment. After the round-up of the White Paper on Business of 6G, short transdisciplinary pitches will discuss the topic from political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental viewpoints. 

The webinar is moderated by Dr. Seppo Yrjölä who led the Expert Group that prepared the White Paper on Business of 6G and Ms. Hanna Saarela, Development Manager, University of Oulu.

Talks by Expert Group representatives:

Antecedents of Future 6G Mobile Ecosystems
Adj. Prof., Dr. Petri Ahokangas, Senior research fellow, Oulu Business School, University of Oulu

The Role of Regulation and Spectrum Sharing in the 6G Era
Adj. Prof., Dr.Sc. (Tech.), Ph.D. Marja Matinmikko-Blue, Senior Research Fellow and Adjunct Professor, Centre for Wireless Communications, University of Oulu

6G Indicators of Value and Performance
Dr. Volker Ziegler, 6G Leadership, Nokia Bell Labs & CTO, Germany

Human-centered Design as a Business Driver for 6G Technologies
Asst. Prof. Vivek Kant, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, IDC School of Design, Mumbai, India

MNO Openness: the Next Business Opportunity
Research Asst. Prof. Harilaos Koumaras, National Center for Scientific Research Demokritos, Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications, Athens, Greece

After the talks, a minimum of 30 minutes is reserved for discussion on the path towards sustainable 6G. A recorded video of the webinar will be openly available after the event.


The webinar series and individual webinars are free of charge and open to all experts and students interested in 6G research and development.
Please register for the second webinar at the latest on 15 September 2020. Registered participants will receive access information for Zoom via email.
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The webinar series is organized by the Finnish 6G Flagship program and representatives of the 6G White Paper Expert Group. For more information please contact us via 6gflagship@oulu.fi.

Highlights of the White Paper on Business of 6G:

Value-capture in the 6G era requires understanding the dynamics of platforms and ecosystems.
Access to data and data ownership are increasingly the major factors in value creation, and limiting such access is a means of control and restricting empowerment.
By 2030, we could find greater societal focus on the sustainability, nature of humanity, values, creativity and self/social fulfillment and empowerment.
In profiting from 6G innovation, modularity and complementarity of technological solutions are of importance. This raises difficult openness and transparency as well as collaboration vs. competition issues especially in the use of data and algorithms, such as AI, as evolution of complementarities of different kind are needed for reaching the network effect.
6G business ecosystem that aim to bring together stakeholders to solve systemic sustainability problems will need open ecosystem focused value configuration and decentralized poly-nodal power configuration focusing long tail of specialized user requirements that crosses a variety of industries.

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