University of Oulu, 2019

CWC WCE M.Sc. Encouragement Scholarship 2021

Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC) offers 6,000 euro CWC WCE M.Sc. encouragement scholarships for a limited number of most talented students applying for the Wireless Communications Engineering (WCE) master's programme in 2021.

The application period for the WCE master's programme is from 7 January 2021 8:00 am until 20 January 2021 3:00 pm (GMT+2). The application deadline for the scholarship is 22 January 2021 23:59 pm (GMT+2).

The scholarship is intended for encouraging efficient, fast-progressing master’s studies and student participation in CWC and 6G Flagship research during scholarship grantees’ studies. The scholarship is offered on top of the University of Oulu tuition fee scholarship (partial tuition fee waiver).

The condition for payment of the scholarship (paid in two installments) is acceptance to WCE and starting the studies in September 2021.

To apply for the scholarship, fill in the application form.

Notet that the motivation letter submitted in the WCE master's programme application is also valid for the scholarship application.

CWC also offers summer internships and master's thesis topics (with salary ~2,200 euros/month) for WCE students who have shown excellent performance during their first year of studies.

Furthermore, CWC and 6G Flagship continuously recruit new doctoral students. The most talented M.Sc. graduates from WCE are offered a doctoral student position (with salary ~2,450 euros/month and no tuition fee for the doctoral degree) with CWC and University of Oulu after their M.Sc. studies and graduation.

Last updated: 8.1.2021