Devices and Circuit Technology

Future 5G/6G devices and networks operating in higher carrier frequencies will require new and innovative device and circuit technologies and implementations to meet the requirements of reliable and ultra high speed communications. This is only possible with advanced semiconductor technologies, circuits and antennas accompanied with new materials and components they enable. Distributed high-throughput local computing nodes and sub-millisecond transport between the nodes further call for major transitions in the embedded systems and software development for the transceivers and devices.

Devices and Circuit Technology

The challenge is to find a new equilibrium between communication concept, digital signal processing and RF technologies to support applications requiring extremely high data rates and low latencies. Distributed operations in a wide range of frequency bands including mm-wave and THz bands call for novel RF transceiver architectures and integrated circuits (IC) as well as development of new materials, components and their fabrication processes.


Our goal in 6Genesis research is to integrate the 5G/6G systems to reality by developing new RF transceiver implementations and IC design as well as new kind of THz scale electronic packaging solutions that allow 5G/6G systems operating in a wide range of frequency bands. These include adjustable nanomaterials and 3D structures that enable characteristics for specific applications with ultra-low permittivity and adjustable structural features.


Our demonstrator design solutions will investigate the interplay between transceiver architectures, protocols, latency and bandwidth, which calls for approaches that pursue reliable communications through highly parallel designs from the wireless path to hardware (HW), and software (SW).


We will also develop ubiquitous sensing technologies for capturing more information from everyday situations and environments including 3D range imagining of the environment and machine vision for automated sensing and decision making based on video-captured information.

Key Publications

Ferroelectric Oxides for Solar Energy Conversion, Multi-Source Energy Harvesting/Sensing, and Opto-Ferroelectric Applications

Bai, Yang; Jantunen, Heli; Juuti, Jari 9/2019 ChemSusChem
Devices and Circuit Technology

Depth Analysis of Semi-Transparent Media by a Time-Correlated CMOS SPAD Line Sensor-Based Depth-Resolving Raman Spectrometer

Kekkonen, Jere; Nissinen, Jan; Nissinen, Ilkka 8/2019 IEEE sensors journal
Devices and Circuit Technology

WS2 and MoS2 thin film gas sensors with high response to NH3 in air at low temperature

Järvinen, Topias; Lorite, Gabriela S.; Peräntie, Jani; Toth, Geza; Saarakkala, Simo; Virtanen, Vesa K.; Kordas, Krisztian 8/2019 Nanotechnology
Devices and Circuit Technology
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