6G Flagship Ecosystem A Network of True Experts

Expert network consists of researchers, ICT companies and companies, which exploit the opportunities of new wireless technologies.

6G Ecosystem creates opportunities for new businesses through

- Co-creation, bringing researchers and companies together
- Research to business process, presenting research outputs to companies
- Promoting the use of research findings in relevant verticals/application areas
- Supporting the 6G Flagship ecosystem members to be forerunners in digitalisation


Project opportunities within the 6G Ecosystem vary from open multi-partner projects to tailored company-focused innovation projects. Commercialisation of research results and IPR management in the ecosystem produces patentable and patented research outputs and technology transfer possibilities directly benefiting partner companies.


The ecosystem facilitates and further develops state-of-the-art infrastructures, which are hosted by research organisations and companies in the ecosystem. Each environment offers a low-barrier, as-a-service access to the associated facilities.

A key resource of the ecosystem is 5G Test Network, an open innovation platform from which all collaborating partners and interested companies can benefit.

Another key resource for the 6G Flagship are the networks, such as Allied ICT Finland (AIF) and collaboration with BusinessOulu.

The Flagship cluster will organise several major conferences. In March 2019, the first 6G Wireless Summit, which will be the Flagship main annual event, will be organised for a wide expert audience. The Summit will involve different symposia attracting relevant vertical players and workshops targeted at academics.

6G Flagship Workshops focus on introducing the requirements and expectations from various vertical applications and communicating the technical potential of 6G solutions. The workshops are directed to the wider research community (e.g. health, environmental engineering, economics, mining), companies, public authorities, and students, among others.

Research to Business Events are strategic collaboration events for development of joint growth businesses originating from Flagship research. The purpose is to bring together selected researchers and company representatives to innovate around focused, typically market-driven, on-demand, topics that have proven business value and market appetite. The action will include continuous scouting within research organisations, awareness raising and discussion of research outputs within ecosystems. These events will lead to business project development, i.e. utilising existing Business Finland funding instruments.

Open Innovation Events focus on creating new technical solutions leading to business ideas will accelerate commercialisation of research results, facilitate international growth and build common research, development and innovation environments. One concrete example of such events is a hackathon inviting global novel thinking to tackle the vertical service development activities within the Flagship.