The overarching goals of 6G Flagship are

1. Support industry in finalization of 5G

Companies worldwide will need considerable support in identifying new business opportunities, obtaining maximum benefit from state of the art technology and building knowledge-based capital for the radically renewed 5G operational environment. Flagship will carry out technology and system pilots for selected verticals by co-creating with companies and ensure timely relevant wireless expertise availability for industry needs and to enable economic growth via early adaption of critical smart society technologies.

2. Develop the fundamental technology needed to enable 6G

 Fundamental research is 10-15 years ahead of industrial standards. The high scientific quality and usability of the theoretical research and concept development by Flagship researchers will be validated with separate functional components as well as early industry prototypes.

3. Speed up digitalization in society

Digitalization via 5G is strongly driven through the key verticals. The Flagship promotes development of vertical applications and services in a full-stack model including connectivity, services, content, end-user community and appropriate devices. The Flagship increases the impact of the 5G-driven society in building expertise around critical verticals and in developing those ecosystems further, both in co-operation with the existing ecosystems and by promoting new forms.

Last updated: 31.10.2019