Decentralized Asynchronous Coded Caching Design and Performance Analysis in Fog Radio Access Networks

Yanxiang Jiang; Wenlong Huang; Mehdi Bennis; Fu-Chun Zheng
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In this paper, we investigate the problem of asynchronous coded caching in fog radio access networks (F-RANs). To minimize the fronthaul load, the encoding set collapsing rule and encoding set partition method are proposed to establish the relationship between the coded-multicasting contents for asynchronous and synchronous coded caching. Furthermore, a decentralized asynchronous coded caching scheme is proposed, which provides asynchronous and synchronous transmission methods for different delay requirements. The closed-form expression of the fronthaul load is established for the special case where the number of requests during each time slot is fixed, and the upper and lower bounds of the fronthaul load are given for the general case where the number of requests during each time slot is random. The simulation results show that our proposed scheme can create considerable coded-multicasting opportunities in asynchronous request scenarios.

Last updated: 8.4.2020