Microwave dielectric properties of low-temperature sinterable alpha-MoO3

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Varghese, Jobin; Siponkoski, Tuomo; Nelo, Mikko; Sebastian, Mailadil Thomas; Jantunen, Heli
The α-MoO3 ceramics were prepared by uniaxial pressing and sintering of MoO3 powder at 650 °C and their structure, microstructure, densification and sintering and microwave dielectric properties were investigated. The sintering temperature of α-MoO3 was optimized based on the best densification and microwave dielectric properties. After sintering at 650 °C the relative permittivity was found to be 6.6 and the quality factor was 41,000 GHz at 11.3 GHz. The full-width half-maximum of the A1g Raman mode of bulk α-MoO3 at different sintering temperatures correlated well with the Qf values. Moreover, the sintered samples showed a temperature coefficient of the resonant frequency of −25 ppm/°C in the temperature range from −40 to 85 °C and they exhibited a very low coefficient of thermal expansion of ±4 ppm/°C. These microwave dielectric properties of α-MoO3 will be of great benefit in future MoO3 based materials and their applications.

Last updated: 1.11.2018