ADC-Assisted Random Sampler Architecture for Efficient Sparse Signal Acquisition

Safarpour, Mehdi; Inanlou, Reza; Charmi, Mostafa; Shoaei, Omid; Silvén, Olli
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A method for sampling Fourier sparse signals for efficient implementation of analog-to-information converters is proposed. The solution reconstructs Nyquist rate high-resolution signal from Nyquist rate low-resolution and sub-Nyquist rate high-resolution samples. For implementation, an architecture based on customized reconfigurable successive approximation register analog-to-digital converter is proposed, simulated, and demonstrated. The power consumption with a 90-nm CMOS process is less than 26 μW with 1-Msample/s rate in reconfigurable 3/10-bit mode. The number of floating point operations per second needed for signal recovery is less than 2% required by the orthogonal matching pursuit algorithm. The functionality of the solution has been verified with an experimental system.

Last updated: 22.11.2019