Towards gadget-free internet services: A roadmap of the Naked world | Services and Applications

Ahmad, Ijaz; Kumar, Tanesh; Liyanage, Madhusanka; Ylianttila, Mika; Koskela, Timo; Bräysy, Timo; Anttonen, Antti; Pentikinen, Vesa; Soininen, Juha-Pekka; Huusko, Jyrki
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This paper presents a roadmap for the transition from current gadget-centric digital services towards a gadget-free services environment called the Naked world. The main idea of the Naked world is that all the services which are currently provided by gadgets will be provided by the infrastructure, thus no gadgets will be needed to use any kind of digital services. When a user in the Naked world intends to use a service, the infrastructure senses the user, the nearby intelligent surrounding launches an interactive user interface, performs identification through biometric identities, provides the service, and then closes the session when the user finishes the job. Therefore, the Naked world comprises highly intelligent and context-aware interactive environments. The vision of the Naked world is an evolution towards a user-friendly and ubiquitously available digital services, which is naturally bounded by the technological advancement. Henceforth, this paper presents the essential technologies and functional requirements along with the current and forthcoming novel technological concepts and challenges for the realization of the Naked world. | Services and Applications

Last updated: 22.11.2019