Co-creation via Test Network

6G Flagship aims at maximal impact through co-creation activities with a wide international network.

6G Flagship invites actors from all sectors and fields to join open co-creation in 5G Test Network.           
5GTN is the world’s widest 5G Test Network with open access. It offers globally unique possibilities for
research and development for testing prototype devices or complete solutions and services in a real 5G environment.

Any organization can become a member of the 5G Test Network community to keep track of the latest developments or to carry out trials and experiments.
Continuous development of the state-of-art test network is a central function of our leading 5G / 6G researchers and Flagship experts.

6G Flagship experts also cooperate with public authorities through joint initiatives, program creation, consultation and
preparation of reports to support policy and decision-making.

Organizations, which are interested in academic co-creation and innovation, can suggest joint research activities,
preparation of project grant proposals, realization of demonstrations,
involvement in event organization, research staff exchange or similar.

Co-creation proposals can be submitted at any time!

Last updated: 7.12.2018