6G Flagship welcomes companies to become a forerunner in 6G

6G Flagship is a collaboration platform for companies to learn about next generation wireless technologies and how to exploit these opportunities for the business

6G Flagship welcomes all companies which are interested about next generation wireless technologies possibilities to join the collaboration. We can offer companies world class expertise and successful tradition with industry collaboration, says Flagship Director Matti Latva-aho.

University of Oulu has been one of the leaders in wireless communications research for more than three decades. University of Oulu and Centre for Wireless Communications has been collaborating with industry since the beginning of its presence. The outcomes of this collaboration can be seen in form of global success stories in the field of ICT.

Now is the time to continue co-creation towards 6G. Namely, University of Oulu has been selected to run 6G Flagship research program, funded in part Academy of Finland, with total volume of 251M€ for the years 2018-2026. The programme is operated in collaboration with Nokia, VTT, Aalto University, BusinessOulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences. 6G Flagship supports industry in finalisation of the 5G standard, develops essential technology components needed for 6G and speeds up digitalisation of society via introduction of 5G and eventually 6G through implementing and demonstrating targeted vertical applications. 6G Flagship research focus areas are wireless connectivity, devices & circuit technology, distributed computing, and services & applications.

Why should companies be interested about 6G Flagship?

Companies are more than welcome to join the collaboration, says Flagship Director Matti Latva-aho. We can provide to the companies the latest research results in the field of wireless ICT, giving the insight for the future developments. On the other hand, companies does not have to wait for the 6G for concrete benefits as the flagship is also actively involved in supporting the deployment of 5G, as a pathway towards 6G. This means immediate benefits from the research to the companies’ business and product development. In this context participation in the 6G Flagship ecosystem can also help accessing potential collaboration partners from the company network. Another direct benefit from the collaboration is the access to public funding in form of publicly funded R&D projects in collaboration with 6G Flagship and its partners.

Collaboration is not only for the ICT companies, but also for the verticals exploiting ICT tools. Flagship is actively developing collaboration projects for different verticals; there is already on-going collaboration for example in the fields of energy, health, Industry 4.0, logistics, media, smart city development and transport.

"Sign up to our ecosystem, let's build 6G together!”

Companies can choose freely the level of collaboration that fits best for their needs

Flagship can offer different levels of collaboration possibilities, based on companies’ interests and needs. Affiliate level partnership is for all companies, which are interested to get information about 5G exploitation possibilities and development of 6G technologies. Companies can become affiliate partners free of charge, with no formal commitments, but to receive information about what is happening in the field of 5G/6G R&D. In practice joining affiliate level happens in the 6G Flagship web site by filling in the form. Pioneer level partnership is for companies which are using or preparing to use or exploit 5G/6G technologies in their products/services/applications. Pioneer level partners have concrete collaboration with flagship for example in form of project collaboration or use of test facilities. Pioneer level membership fee is in form of project contribution. It is also possible to sign a MoU in between pioneer level partner and 6GFlagship, where potential cooperation themes are listed.

Highest level of partnership is Co-creator level, which is mainly for large companies. Co-creator membership includes strategic collaboration, giving the company a say concerning flagship’s research agenda, annual company specific flagship sessions, a dedicated Key Account Manager for collaboration and pre-access to published research results. Due to the strategic nature of the collaboration flagship will not take several companies in the same industry domain to the co-creator category. Co-creator level membership fee starts from 100 000 €/year, depending on the size of the company and the depth of collaboration. The whole participation fee can be covered with in-kind contribution, if agreed so.

Be a forerunner in wireless ICT!

One benefit that 6G Flagship can provide to its collaborators is the forerunner status. The brand of 6G Flagship can be used in company marketing. Also 6G Flagship will promote its ecosystem members if agreed so with the company.
This means visibility among other things in flagship web site and materials.

If you became interested about 6G Flagship and its collaboration possibilities feel free to visit 6G Flagship web site 6GFlagship.com for more information. You can also join the ecosystem in 6G Flagship website. You can also contact 6G Flagship Ecosystem Liaison Manager Mika Rantakokko for more information, email mika.rantakokko@oulu.fi , tel. +358 469 227 227.

Last updated: 14.6.2019