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Orchestrating 5G Network Slices to Support Industrial Internet and to Shape Next-Generation Smart Factories

Taleb, Tarik; Afolabi, Ibrahim; Bagaa, Miloud 2019 IEEE network
Distributed Computing

A Low-Complexity Detection Algorithm for Uplink Massive MIMO Systems Based on Alternating Minimization

Elgabli, Anis; Elghariani, Ali; Aggarwal, Vaneet; Bell, Mark R. 2019 IEEE wireless communications letters
Wireless Connectivity

Comprehensive Study on the Impact of Sternotomy Wires on UWB WBAN Channel Characteristics on the Human Chest Area

Särestöniemi, Mariella; Pomalaza-Ráez, Carlos; Bi, Zhuming; Kumpuniemi, Timo; Kissi, Chaïmaá; Sonkki, Marko; Hämäläinen, Matti; Iinatti, Jari 2019 IEEE access
Wireless Connectivity

Depth Analysis of Semi-Transparent Media by a Time-Correlated CMOS SPAD Line Sensor-Based Depth-Resolving Raman Spectrometer

Kekkonen, Jere; Nissinen, Jan; Nissinen, Ilkka 2019 IEEE sensors journal
Devices and Circuit Technology

Dynamic Task Offloading and Resource Allocation for Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Edge Computing

Liu, Chen-Feng; Bennis, Mehdi; Debbah, Merouane; Poor, H. Vincent 2019 IEEE transactions on communications
Wireless Connectivity

GroupCast: Preference-Aware Cooperative Video Streaming With Scalable Video Coding

Elgabli, Anis; Felemban, Muhamad; Aggarwal, Vaneet 2019 IEEE-ACM transactions on networking
Wireless Connectivity

Hybrid resource scheduling for aggregation in massive machine-type communication networks

Alcaraz López, Onel L.; Alves, Hirley; J. Nardelli, Pedro H.; Latva-aho, Matti 2019 Ad hoc networks
Wireless Connectivity

WS2 and MoS2 thin film gas sensors with high response to NH3 in air at low temperature

Järvinen, Topias; Lorite, Gabriela S.; Peräntie, Jani; Toth, Geza; Saarakkala, Simo; Virtanen, Vesa K.; Kordas, Krisztian 2019 Nanotechnology
Devices and Circuit Technology

Biodegradable multiphase poly(lactic acid)/biochar/graphite composites for electromagnetic interference shielding

Tolvanen, Jarkko; Hannu, Jari; Hietala, Maiju; Kordas, Krisztian; Jantunen, Heli 2019 Composites science and technology
Devices and Circuit Technology

Lightweight Hierarchical Carbon Nanocomposites with Highly Efficient and Tunable Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Properties

Pitkanen, Olli; Tolvanen, Jarkko; Szenti, Imre; Kukovecz, Akos; Hannu, Jari; Jantunen, Heli; Kordas, Krisztian 2019 Acs applied materials and interfaces
Devices and Circuit Technology