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Vertical applications are strongly driving the development of future communications systems. Optimized technical solutions and network operating models are expected to appear in 6G era for the main verticals including factories of the future (Industry 4.0), automotive and transportation, energy, and healthcare (e-health). These verticals will benefit from smart sensor environments for situational awareness with ultra-reliable, low latency and secure connectivity. The challenge is to derive concrete research targets from the vertical specific applications and services to efficiently steer the required multidisciplinary research to develop future 5G/6G networks.

Services and Applications

Our goal in 6Genesis is to provide a comprehensive treatment of verticals’ requirements in the development of 5G/6G networks using commercial-grade test environments for co-creation of vertical applications with industry and society. Our solution is rapid trialing using experimental 5G/6G test networks to bring research findings to real-life tests in co-operation with businesses and society at large. This will cover radio transmission and transceivers, new component technology and materials, radio access networks, storage and distributed computing in wireless networks and inclusion of novel sensory and visualisation tools.


The development of 5G Test Network is continued to such a direction that researchers from various disciplines can plug in missing sensors or devices to the network to collect the data they need for their specific needs and have access to the data-processing platform at the edge cloud. Hence, the test network acts as a generic data collection and processing platform for the whole 6Genesis research community.


Our research adopts an interdisciplinary approach where technical and test network research is combined with techno-economic and business considerations as well as regulations and standards. Network densification, spectrum sharing and the increasing amounts and diversifying nature of data will call for fundamentally new and innovative network operator and ownership models whose development requires an interdisciplinary approach. Key topics to analyse include ownership and investment issues regarding the network infrastructure, radio spectrum and data. Future solutions are expected to require changes in telecommunications legislation, mobile communication market structures and network technologies which need supporting research.


Our focus is on how different network ownership and service provisioning models affect the design of radio access systems needed to guarantee success for the organic or holistic growth of future digital services. Our interdisciplinary regulation, business and technological research develops new revolutionary network operating models, i.e. a novel micro-operator based business model relying on local availability of micro-licensed spectrum.

Key Publications

Towards gadget-free internet services: A roadmap of the Naked world | Services and Applications

Ahmad, Ijaz; Kumar, Tanesh; Liyanage, Madhusanka; Ylianttila, Mika; Koskela, Timo; Bräysy, Timo; Anttonen, Antti; Pentikinen, Vesa; Soininen, Juha-Pekka; Huusko, Jyrki 2018 Telematics and Informatics Volume 35, Issue 1, April 2018, Pages 82-92
Services and Applications

Implementing flexible demand : Real-time price vs. market integration

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Services and Applications

Ad Hoc LTE Method for Resilient Smart Grid Communications

Markkula, Juho; Haapola, Jussi 2018 Wireless Personal Communications February 2018, Volume 98, Issue 4, pp 3355–3375
Services and Applications
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