Smart Campus

University of Oulu is an international science university, which creates innovation for the future, well-being, and knowledge through research and education. Our multidisciplinary combination of a science and technology university provides an excellent basis for influential research.

Currently, new research innovations made at the University of Oulu are not sufficiently visible and available for the surrounding community to support the creation of novel research-based solutions and services.

Smart Campus, as an inspiring and innovative open co-creation environment, functions as a small-scale city with more than 20 000 daily users. Smart Campus offers a complete platform for research, development and piloting of unprecedented services and solutions, that today’s urban inhabitants need in Smart Cities. At the same time, new services and solutions can help in bridging the digital divide in remote, scarcely populated areas that can become Smart Villages.

In order to make new research innovations created at the University of Oulu more visible and available, Smart Campus initiative aims to:

  • identify most promising research-based innovations,

  • utilize and open research-based data,

  • validate research results in a joint open platform to create new services and solutions for Smart Cities and Villages, and

  • intensify innovation transfer to create wider societal and economic impact.

Piloting new services and solutions in an advanced multidisciplinary platform at Finland’s largest university campus creates unique opportunities. Smart Campus promotes interdisciplinary research of technology, business, human, medical and nature sciences. The objective is to link individual research groups and their infrastructures to support innovative combination of different data sources and research materials. Public authorities, companies and other interest groups are invited to join co-development and validation activities. The ultimate goal for the co-operation is that the validated innovations can be up-scaled to Smart City services to speed up digitalization in the society.

Smart Campus platform is based on the latest technology including 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Edge Computing and Data Analytics. The objective is to solve especially urban challenges of transportation, health & wellbeing, education, business, logistics and climate by removing traditional barriers and initiating new business models.

Smart Campus initiative relies on the vision that future smart environments are self-learning and offer hyper-positioned services, which are based on secured individual profiles. Possible future Smart Campus services in specific development areas include:

Education - Personalized learning based on study plans and tracking, distant learning, virtual lectures

Wellbeing and health - Utilization of personal wellbeing data, personal health monitoring, ideas for physical exercise

Property management - Space-specific information and adjustment (illumination, temperature, noise), energy consumption, water consumption, monitoring of space utilization

Food services - Personal menu proposals based on wellbeing metrics, seating status and queue updates, food wastage minimizing

Culture and entertainment - Mixed reality experiences, hologram shows, virtual travelling

Events - Guidance for attendees, program offering, matchmaking, networking based on personal interests

For many of the services, Smart Campus will benefit of 5G technology. Typical characteristics of 5G technology are fast connections, minimum delay, high computing power and data analytics. Based on these technical improvements, the campus-wide 5G Test Network empowers localized services, which can be personalized based on secured user profiles. Furthermore, the 5G Test Network connects distinct research infrastructures of faculties to a shared platform. As a result, large volumes of complex research-based data can be utilized for multidisciplinary service innovation and co-creation. The test network also supports exploration and piloting of local micro operator models, which are seen as one of the key novelties of 5G networks.

Join us to develop services and solutions together with our Smart Campus experts and the University of Oulu research community!


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