Open Tenure Track Position in Digital Healthcare

For DigiHealth programme, University of  Oulu announces a tenure track Assistant or Associate Professor position for highly talented individuals who hold a doctoral degree and have  excellent potential for a successful scientific career.

The position of Tenure Track Assistant or Associate Professor of  “Wireless system level architecture for future digital healthcare” will be located in the Centre for Wireless Communications – Networks and Systems (CWC-NS) research unit, Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering .

A tenure-track position in “Wireless   system level architecture for future digital healthcare” is directed to   investigate, apply, and design new wireless communications solutions for dependable end-to-end data transmission chains, seamlessly   from in-body (even at outside the hospital) to an electronic health record   (EHR), as well as educate students for this topic. Initially, a successful   applicant is expected to have a substantial research track targeting dense   heterogeneous communications systems connecting health/medical devices/things   to the EHR. To achieve the goal, the applicant is expected to master either in-body,   on-body, or off-body; and existing short-range communications solutions   (e.g., BLE and IEEE802.15) and be capable of developing emerging 5G/6G solutions,   such as ultra-reliable, secure, and high positioning capabilities through   thorough understanding of the requirements of the underlying health   applications. Standardization and integration knowledges are seen advantages.   A strong track record in acquiring research funding and projects, cooperation   with industry, as well as implementing research projects in the Medical IoT   related tasks are important for successful applicants for the position.

The tenure track position will start in spring 2020 by mutual agreement with the successful applicant.

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Last updated: 7.10.2019