Scholarships for Master's Programmes in Wireless Communications Engineering

Scholarships for Master's Studies at the Centre for Wireless Communications

Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC) has been an active player in 5G research and construction of 5G test network together with companies in Oulu during past years. We are now shifting into 6G research in Finnish Academy’s 6Genesis Flagship programme. For our expanding research efforts during the next 8 years we will need talented master’s level and doctoral students for our team to be educated for experts of future wireless network systems.  

CWC offers a limited number of 5000 euro scholarships for the most talented students. CWC master student scholarship is intended to encourage efficient, fast-progressing master studies and the student participation in CWC and 6Genesis Flagship research during their studies. Students eligible for the scholarship should be doing master’s degree either 

  1. in International Master's Degree Programme in Wireless Communications Engineering (WCE), or 

  1. in Telecommunication Engineering or RF Engineering study options of Master’s Degree Programme in Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE).  

at Oulu University, Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (ITEE). The student should start his/her Master's studies in September 2019. CWC scholarship offer will be in addition to the UO tuition fee waiver scholarship to cover 75% of 10000 euro tuition fee for non-EU/ETA students of WCE programme. 

You are eligible to apply for CWC scholarship if you  

  1. have received your B.Sc. degree with very good or excellent grades in communications engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering, or in equivalent programmes, and 

  1. intend to apply for WCE International Master's Programme by 23 January, 2019, or

  1. intend to apply Telecommunication Engineering or RF Engineering Study Options of ECE Master’s Programme by the end of spring 2019 term. 

CWC scholarship can be granted only if the student has been selected in spring 2019 admission for WCE programme, or is accepted for Telecommunication or RF Engineering study option of ECE programme. An eligible student must be a full-time student without a simultaneous work contract with the University of Oulu or any other empoyer. CWC scholarship application deadlines are: 

  1. 15 February 2019, 15:00 Helsinki time (EET (+2UTC)) for WCE students, and  

  1. 31 May, 2019 15:00 Helsinki time (EEST (+3UTC)) for ECE students. 

You have to submit the following application information into CWC scholarship application portal.

The applicant may be contacted for interview before the scholarship decision.

Decisions concerning grants will be made by 15 March, 2019 for students selected into WCE programme, and by 28 June, 2019 for students selected into study options of ECE programme. Recipients of scholarships will be informed with granting letters to be sent immediately after decisions.  

CWC scholarship is paid in two parts. 1st part (3000 euros) is paid in September 2019, once student has enrolled physically in Oulu, and paid student union student and health care fees for academic year 2019-20, and the 2nd  part  (2000 euros) is paid in January 2020 upon a physical presence and studying in Oulu.

(Link to the application for Wireless Communications Engineering, Master's Programme in Electrical Engineering, Master of Science (Technology) (2y).)