Northern Finland Health Historical Study

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Northern Finland Health Historical Study group forms a part of the larger multidisciplinary research consortium Fibrosis Diseasome – Fibrosis as a shared risk factor in the etiology of complex chronic diseases and unhealthy aging. Fibrosis Diseasome is a profiling area in the Molecular and environmental basis for lifelong health strategic research focus area of the University of Oulu. It is funded by specific funding instrument of the Academy of Finland to strengthen the universities´ research profiles in Finland. The research is carried out in the university´s strategic research focus institutes Biocenter Oulu and Eudaimonia and the joint University of Oulu and Oulu University Hospital Medical Research Center, Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Humanities.

As part of the Fibrosis Diseasome research, the Northern Finland Health Historical Study examines issues related to health and well-being both in Northern Finland and the nation as a whole. From the historical perspective, researchers in the project explore intersections of mental and somatic illness, psychosomatic medicine, the emergence of stress discourse, the longitudinal birth cohort studies and mental health care in the Northern and Southern Finland. By analysing studies of health and illness of the population as well as medical interventions in the context of social organisation of the last one hundred years, this project maps both science and health/illness onto the historical development of the nation.

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Heini Hakosalo

Heini Hakosalo

Senior Research Fellow

Eve Hyrkäs

Doctoral student
Mikko Myllykangas

Mikko Myllykangas

Post-doctoral researcher