Arctic Mobile Communications Architectures (AMCA)

The Arctic region in many places lacks the Internet connectivity we are used to in urban areas. This project provides new arctic mobile communications architectures based on today’s and tomorrow’s technologies.

Local mobile networks tied together by tailored backhaul solutions are at the heart of these architectures, while sea and fiber cables, microwave links, HF, and high-speed or mobile satellite communications constitute their key components.

The project will result in a roadmap along with a number of open research questions that form the basis for a further H2020 funding application.

EU SUPPORT: € 244 000
TOTAL BUDGET: € 375 000
The project has ended (June 2019). The main results are summarized in the file MainResults.pdf at the download section. The project staff participated into Arctic Council's task force on Improved Connectivity in the Arctic (TFICA) who published it's final report April 2019, see We also published a paper titled "Wireless Connectivity for Remote and Arctic Areas - Food for Thought" in ISWCS’2019 conference that stands for International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems and was held in Oulu, FI, August 2019.
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Main partners

University of Oulu
Luleå University of Technology