About APTA

Project name:

The Influence of Air Pollution, Pollen, and Ambient Temperature on Asthma and Allergies in Changing Climate (APTA)


1.9.2013 - 31.8.2017

Principal investigator:

Jouni Jaakkola (Center for Environmental and Respiratory Research, CERH, University of Oulu)

Co-principal Investigator:

Jaakko Kukkonen (Finnish Meteorological Institute, FMI, Helsinki)

Jan Hjort (Geography Unit, University of Oulu)

Maritta Jaakkola (Center for Environmental and Respiratory Research, CERH, University of Oulu)

Other investigators:

Timo Hugg, Simo Näyhä, Taina Lajunen, Aino Rantala (CERH)

Mikhail Sofiev, Mia Aarnio (FMI)

Harri Antikainen, Jarmo Rusanen (Geography Unit, University of Oulu)

Graduate students:

Mirkka Tuokila, Elina Paaso, Niilo Ryti, Sirpa Heikkinen (CERH)

Tiina Lankinen, Tiina Huotari (Geography Unit, University of Oulu)

Marje Prank (FMI)


Both short-term and long-term effects of environmental exposures are assessed related to changing climate on asthma and allergies and cause-specific mortality. Two large prospective, population-based epidemiologic studies, the Espoo Cohort Study (ECS) and the Finnish Environment and Asthma Study (FEAS), will form the basis for investigating health impacts in addition to registry-based hospitalization and mortality data. The focus is on health effects of air pollution, allergenic pollen and extreme climatic factors in vulnerable populations. Multidisciplinary complementary research methodologies including dispersion modeling, including unique expertise regarding the emissions and dispersion of allergenic pollen, and statistical environmental and information technology oriented expertise, including in particular GIS-based approach and land-use regression methods, genetics, clinical medicine and epidemiology are applied.


Funding period is between 01.09.2013 – 31.07.2018. This project is part of the on-going prospective cohort studies initiated in 1990.


Academy of Finland Research program grant no. 266314


Last updated: 24.5.2019