Kansainvälinen yhteistyö

APTA-tutkimushankkeen kansainvälisiin yhteistyötahoihin kuuluvat

  • Ympäristöterveyden ja keuhkosairauksien tutkimuskeskus CERH, Oulun yliopisto - CERH has broad international collaboration in the area of environment and health with special emphasis on asthma and allergies. The current and previous partner organisations include  Norwegian Institute of Public Health, University of Birmingham (UK), Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (MD, USA), Harvard School of Public Health (MA, USA), Sverdlovsk Sanepid (Yekaterinburg, Russia), National Taiwanese University, and National Defence Medical School (Taipei, Taiwan), Peking University (China), and University of Queensland and Queensland University of Technology (Brisbane, Australia).
  • Ilmatieteen laitos - The FMI Atmospheric Composition Research unit has recently participated in numerous major EU-funded research projects in atmospheric sciences, such as, e.g., EUCAARI, HENVINET, HIALINE, and CAIR4HEALTH. The currently ongoing EU-funded projects include TRANSPHORM, PEGASUS, PASODOBLE, MACC-II2 and PESCADO. FMI participates in three European Space Agency projects, several COST actions and several other international activities. The main collaborators internationally include, for example, the University of Hertfordshire (UK), the Danish Meteorological Institute and the Aristotle University (Greece).
  • Maantieteen laitos, Oulun yliopisto - The Department of Geography is participating in several national and international projects on environmental and climatic modelling, including e.g. TURCLIM, NORDEN-PERM and GEOBIO. The main international collaborators are Meteorological Institute (Norway), Swiss Federal Research Institute (Switzerland), University of Copenhagen (Denmark), University of Nottingham (UK) and University of Oslo (Norway). The Department has been a partner in two international projects, funded by the ESF and ESPON, aiming at creating large pan-European GIS databases embracing data on transportation and health care. The partners of these projects include e.g. Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands), University of Castilla-La Mancha (Toledo, Spain), RRG Spatial Planning and Geoinformation (Oldenburg, Germany), Charles University of Prague (Czech Republic), and TRT Trasporti e Territorio (Italy).


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