Archaeology as a profession

An archaeologist is a versatile researcher and protector of the past. Archaeologists work as researchers and museum professionals in a variety of organisations, such as universities, museums, the National Board of Antiquities and Metsähallitus. Archaeologists work in cooperation with several authorities, particularly in land use planning and the protection of antiquities, which means that their job description is varied and challenging. Below are links to the websites of several authorities and archaeological associations in Finland and other parts of the world.




Suomen Arkeologinen Seura r.y.

Suomen Keskiajan Arkeologinen Seura.

Suomen klassillisen arkeologian seura.

Riksantikvarieämbetet, Sweden. 

Svenska Arkeologiska Samfundet, Sweden.

European Association of Archaeologists

Archaeological Institute of America (AIA).

Society for American Archaeology (SAA).

The Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology, (SPMA).

The Society for Historical Archaeology, (SHA).



Last updated: 21.9.2017