During the first year, students of archaeology attend courses together with students of cultural anthropology. The students will not choose their major until the end of their first year. The degree of Bachelor of Arts (BA) consists of intermediate studies and studies in the student’s minor subject. Its minimum scope is 180 credits and its maximum scope is 190 credits. After the BA degree, a student may continue their studies to become a Master of Arts (MA). The minimum scope of this degree is 120 credits and the maximum scope is 130 credits.

All students of the University of Oulu who have registered as students and are pursuing their studies at the University have the right to study archaeology as a minor. They can obtain the right to study it as a major by attending an entrance examination arranged in the summer. A student at the University of Oulu may also obtain the right to study a subject as their major by first completing the subject’s basic and intermediate studies (and receiving at a minimum the grade of 3), and then submitting to the Dean an application to change majors. The application period ends on March 31st each year. The syllabus is published at the beginning of each term. If an information event is arranged, it will be published on the Archaeology notice board. If a student moves, they must give their new address at the Department’s office, at the University’s Student Centre or via WebOodi.

Last updated: 20.9.2017